Travel + Leisure Magazine Lauds Bixby's and O'Connell's Pub

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The dining room of Bixby's | Jennifer Silverberg
Travel + Leisure, which cancelled Gut Check's subscription and banned us for life after we requested to receive only the Leisure half of the magazine, has honored two St. Louis restaurants in recent features.

First up is Bixby's (Lindell Boulevard & DeBaliviere Avenue; 314-361-7313), the restaurant inside the Missouri History Museum. Fittingly enough, Travel + Leisure includes Bixby's in a slideshow as one of twelve of "America's Best Museum Restaurants." The very brief accompanying blurb notes that "fans rave" about the Amish chicken on the Bixby's menu.

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Meanwhile, the venerable O'Connell's Pub (4652 Shaw Avenue; 314-773-6600) is one of 38 spots in a Travel + Leisure slideshow entitled "America's Best Places to Eat Like a Local."

The blurb saluting O'Connell's gives no indication that anyone from the magazine actually set foot inside O'Connell's, as it draws its culinary credibility from a quote from St. Louis native-turned-mega-restauteur Danny Meyer. Which is quite the cred, of course, but still.

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Location Info

O'Connell's Pub

4652 Shaw Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

Missouri History Museum

Lindell Blvd. & DeBaliviere Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: General

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