Vin de Set Hosts Fifth Annual Oysters Five Ways Festival Sunday, March 10

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Vin de Set (2017 Chouteau Avenue; 314-241-8989) hosts its fifth annual Oysters Five Ways Festival at 4 p.m. on Sunday, March 10. The restaurant has flown in 1,400 Penn Cove Pacific oysters, and head chef and general manager Ivy Magruder tells Gut Check he and his kitchen staff are armed and ready to shuck the night away.

Magruder says Vin de Set purposely bought only enough oysters to serve during Sunday's festival, so get 'em then or not at all.

"We got 'em in our back door [Thursday]," Magruder says. "They were in the water on Monday; it just doesn't get any cooler than that."

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If the name of the festival didn't give it away, Vin de Set will serve oysters five different ways:

- Raw oysters served with lemon, mignonette and cocktail sauce ($9.59 for half a dozen, $16.99 for a full dozen)
- Buttermilk-fried oysters with housemade stout BBQ sauce ($9.99)
- Oysters Rockefeller ($10.99)
- Grilled oysters with chive-parsley butter ($9.59 for half a dozen, $16.99 for a full dozen)
- Oyster shooters with Absolut Peppar vodka and spicy Bloody Mary mix ($3.29 per shooter)

Magruder says he and his staff couldn't wait until Sunday to taste the oysters.

"They're phenomenal, these are so sweet and fantastic," he says. "They're just like watermelon, they're very sweet."

No taste for oysters? No problem. Magruder says Vin de Set's regular menu will still be available, and admitted that his wife cannot stand the stuff.

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