5 Best April Fools' Day Food and Drink Pranks

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Guess which St. Louis brewery apes A-B for April Fool's Day this year...
Oh April's Fools' Day. We meet yet again.

This year the best food and drink pranks perpetrated on these here Internets ranged from the disgusting to the sci-fi, but our favorite came via one St. Louis brewery poking fun at another St. Louis brewery.

Submitted for your sense of humor, here are Gut Check's five favorite April Fools' Day food and drink pranks making the rounds this year.

Bacon-Flavored Scope Mouthwash
Just when we thought everything under the sun had been baconized, Scope proved us wrong with bacon-flavored mouthwash as it's April Fools' Day farce.

While this one wins points for being arguably the grossest bacon- flavored product yet, we can't help but believe this could spur a legitimate consumer demand for such a product -- much like the Torani chicken-and-waffles-flavored syrup prank of April Fools' past that really came to fruition.

Google Nose
Google has fun launching fake innovations each year on April Fools' Day, but this year's fake-out is the most relevant to Gut Check's interests yet. Meet Google Nose, a beta olfactory search engine that proffers smells instead of its current offering of only "most of human knowledge." Aromas included in Google's promotional video for Google Nose include "campfire," "success," "ghost" and "the inside of an Egyptian tomb."

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