Fake Riverfront Times Food Critic Terrorizes Local Restaurant

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"I stink, I stink, I stink."
Public service announcement, restaurateurs of the greater St. Louis area: Rumors are coming in that a fake Riverfront Times food critic is on the loose. She's out to wine, dine, opine -- but she ain't got no byline.

Here's how an e-mail from our tipster began: "i was wondering if anyone has ever asked about a lady that shows up at bars ( i have seen her a few times at diff restaurants/bars) and she tells everyone she is a writer for RFT, she has always been hammered/so drunk and loud, so rude."

At first, truthfully, our hearts dropped. Things get...rowdy from time to time in the company of RFT scribes. But as the e-mail went on, this incident sounded weirder and weirder.

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Our tipster says she first noticed the woman when she entered Billy's Roadside Bistro (1826 West Pearce Boulevard, Wentzville; 636-332-0556) because she already appeared to be drunk. The woman ordered a vodka and some food, then made it clear to the bartender and anyone in earshot that she was a food writer for RFT. She then apparently began dictating her forthcoming review out loud: Terrible atmosphere, crummy-looking crowd, the fact that she'd been sent "all the way out here."

"She just wouldn't stop," says our witness, a regular at Billy's (adding that it's "one of the best places I've been to").

F-ayle Greene picked at her food when it arrived before sending it back. The tipster says she ordered more, nibbled at it when it arrived, then told her server to send it over to the guys playing darts -- good enough for them, but not for her.

Fed up with her rudeness, the regular patron asked if she could see this so-called critic's business card. Things escalated from there.

"She got defensive. She called me a bitch and then she left," says our witness. "She could barely walk out of there."

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Billy's Roadside Bistro

1826 W. Pearce Blvd., Wentzville, MO

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I thought all food critics were supposed to be anonymous.  That way, when they show up at the restaurant, the owners have no idea so they can't prepare a "special" dinner for the critic, to garner an artificially positive review.


Yeah, she was an obnoxious CXNT !  We  got pics on our phone of her screaming her BS in case there were issues later. I had forgotten about them until I read this .  I'm going to email them to the Riverfront Times in case they want to publish them of the skank ho !

Nicholas Frisella
Nicholas Frisella

The image of a mouth, captioning this story, is disconcerting. Also, couch pig why you hating on Jebus? He had nothing to do with this and also St. Charles is slightly cooler than Wentzville. Show some respect by knowing which white flight area that the disconcerting mouth is chomping about ;)

Rachael King
Rachael King

What a weirdo! And for the record, Billy is a really nice guy and the food is great. Try the Billy Bites with the dirty pasta.

Couch Pig
Couch Pig

not another drunk loudmouth lying jesus loving st louis bitch in st charles even?

Doreen Rush Knapik
Doreen Rush Knapik

Actually, this sounds like a pretty ingenious idea. I'd be much nicer and more put together, of course.

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