Food Photo Essay: Companion Early Bird Outlet

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The Companion Early Bird Outlet (4555 Gustine Avenue; 314-352-4770) is hidden away in an industrial stretch of south city. Once upon a time, this showroom attached to the bakery's HQ and its deep, deep discounts may have been one of St. Louis' best-kept secrets -- but no more. Nowadays crowds turn out for its weekends-only bread-fest, which commences promptly at 7 a.m. and lasts until noon, Friday through Sunday. Greenhorns be warned: Come later in the morning and you'll miss the good stuff. Come early and you may have to wait in line, but you'll leave with a full bag in your arms and a smile on your face.

Crystal Rolfe
Click through for more of Crystal Rolfe's photos of the weekend food fracas that is Companion's Early Bird Outlet...

Crystal Rolfe
The French call this simple white loaf pain de Beaucaire, for the city on the Rhône where it has been a staple since the 15th century. It's a staple at Companion, too.

Crystal Rolfe
Bins of fresh bagels and rolls greet you when you walk in...

Crystal Rolfe
...But it wasn't the rolls that lured you here on a weekend morning. 'Twas the cinnamon buns!

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Companion Early Bird Outlet

4555 Gustine Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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