Katie's Pizza & Pasta Finds a Home in Rock Hill

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Katie Lee of Katie's Pizzeria Cafe and the new Katie's Pizza & Pasta | Savannah Dodd
Katie's Pizza & Pasta started with a concept: artisan pasta and pizza. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, it raised over $40,000 for its development -- and attracted a few traditional investors to boot. Now, the new project from Katie Lee of Katie's Pizzeria Café (6611 Clayton Road, Clayton; 314-727-8585) has finally nailed down one somewhat important detail: its address.

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Lee announced on Facebook yesterday that she has signed a lease for Katie's Pizza & Pasta at 9568 Manchester Road in Rock Hill. This is part of the Market at McKnight development on the southwest corner of the intersection of Manchester and McKnight roads.

Lee also shared that construction on the new restaurant will begin immediately with an eye toward an opening this summer.

In January, Lee gave Gut Check an idea of what to expect when Katie's Pizza & Pasta opens:

Lee describes Katie's Pizza and Pasta as "an artisan Italian restaurant with an open kitchen, a wood-burning oven [and] some cool new techniques with pasta." Diners will have full view not only of food being cooked to order, but also of such longer-term projects as pasta hanging to dry and meats being cured in-house.

"It's all going to be on display for everyone to see while they're eating."

Location Info

Katie's Pizza & Pasta

9568 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

Katie's Pizzeria Café

6611 Clayton Road, Clayton, MO

Category: Restaurant

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jaco1175 topcommenter

Want to have a lot of fun with the pretentious 'Katie' and her bitchy staff? Go in wearing dirty baseball hats and tank tops while you loudly talk about nascar. Try to order a straight up pepperoni explaining that you don't like 'fancy pizza'. If they bother to suggest a pizza for you to try order it, and ask for a bottle of ketchup, just for kicks. Then while you are eating your food, loudly tell each other in your party over and over again how Pi is a better pizza but that you all really should have gone to Imo's. Heads will explode, guaranteed.


Definitely looking forward to this opening! I've driven past the Clayton location a number of times but never had the opportunity to stop in. The Market at McKnight is much closer to home so we'll be heading there for sure

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