Robust Does a Brisk Downtown Trade: Review + Slideshow

robust sea scallops.jpg
Robust's sea scallops with parmesan grits, sun-dried tomatoes and country ham | Corey Woodruff
The new downtown location of Robust (635 Washington Avenue; 314-287-6300) features almost exactly the same menu as its Webster Groves original, and in general it follows the wine-bar format to a T. For Washington Avenue's new Mercantile Exchange development, though, that ain't a bad thing. My review of Robust is now online.

robust lamb pappardelle.jpg
Robust's braised lamb pappardelle | Corey Woodruff
Also now online is Corey Woodruff's slideshow of Robust.

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635 Washington Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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