Win Two Tickets to "Spirited Chocolate" Vodka and Chocolate Pairing

Yesterday we told you about Spirited Chocolate, the upcoming chocolate and vodka pairing meal at Bissinger's (32 Maryland Plaza; 314-367-7750) on May 1.

Today, we'd like to offer you tickets to this delicious and intoxicating event. We've got two tickets -- each a $25 value -- that are yours for the winning! All you need to do is impress us with your chocolate and alcohol pairing skills.

More details after the jump...

UPDATE: Congrats, @lvehlewald! We love your suggestion of whiskey with bacon dark chocolate s'mores. We'll contact you with info about your tickets and the event.

Thanks to everyone else who left suggestions. You know what we'll be taste testing this weekend...

Tell us what alcoholic beverage (or non alcoholic, whatevs) you like to enjoy with chocolate and why. Any kind of chocolate. Are you a chocolate chip cookie and eggnog fan? Do you love a good boozy chocolate milkshake? How 'bout that weird ChocoVine crap? If that's your jam, let us know!

We'll give you until 5 p.m. on Wednesday to tell us what you like to imbibe with a bit of cacao. At that time, we'll pick a lucky winner who will receive both tickets for the Spirited Chocolate event. Good luck!

To be eligible, you must leave a valid e-mail address (or Twitter handle or Facebook profile URL) in the comment-entry field. One guess per e-mail address. Employees of Bissinger's and Riverfront Times are not eligible.

For the record, Gut Check likes a good dry Malbec with 70% cacao dark chocolate. You know, for the antioxidants. And our heart. It's a health thing. We promise.

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Blending up some chocolate ice cream, banana slices, and a good dose of bourbon makes for a pretty fantastic shake.



I posted earlier about the whiskey and bacon dark chocolate s'mores. You can find me on Twitter (at)lvehlewald. :-)

KaitlinS topcommenter

This dumb blogger forgot to tell you in the original post to leave us some contact info for you in your comments! I've added that to the article, but will those who've already commented add some contact info? Email address, Twitter handle or Facebook url. Thaaaaaaaanks!


Mexican hot chocolate.... dk euro cocoa and tiny bits of 65% chocolate,whole milk,1/2 and 1/2, .with chipotle, cinnamon, vanilla, kahula....topped with toasted vanilla bean marshmallow.  Great on raining mornings...


It's the perfect combo of salty sweet crunchy creamy peaty. Great around a fire at night.

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