Anis Hyderabad Cafe Opens in University City

Gut Check learned back in February that an Indian restaurant would open at 8613 Olive Boulevard, the Jeffrey Plaza strip-mall address that previously housed the very-short lived Ethiopian spot Red Sea Cafe & Bar and, before that, Hooked Seafood Bar.

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That Indian restaurant opened this week: Anis Hyderabad Cafe. Anis Hyderabad Cafe currently operates a restaurant at 20 Crossroads Plaza off Highway K in O'Fallon. According to the restaurant's website, it also plans to open a location at 12637 Olive Boulevard in Creve Coeur next month.

More as we learn it.

Location Info

Anis Hyderabad Cafe

8613 Olive Blvd., University City, MO

Category: Restaurant

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Boy are they going to be the "butt" of a lot of jokes.  Someone has to explain to them the name of their restaurant will be the opposite of appetizing.

Is it true that when you are done eating, you have to leave through the back door?

I also heard they were going to call it the Rectum Bistro, but that was already taken.

Someone help these folks before it's too late!

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