Billy Goat Chip Company Fries Right [PHOTOS]

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Billy Goat chips came into existence as a popular side dish at Brian Roth and Rob Lyons' Billy Goat Restaurant and Bar. The partners closed the restaurant but in February 2009 opened the Billy Goat Chip Company (3136 Watson Road; 314-353-4628).

      Crystal Rolfe
Billy Goat co-owner Brian Roth came to chips from a prior career as a chef.

Today Billy Goat Chips can be found all over St. Louis -- or, if you're out of town and find yourself hankering, online via the company's website,

"We try to make your product when you order it," says Roth. "We want to make sure that the chips are able to be sold to the consumer within 48 hours at most".

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      Crystal Rolfe
The humble russet potato: The main ingredient in each and every Billy Goat Chip. The company fries up more than 6,000 pounds of potatoes a week.

      Crystal Rolfe
In the early days, Billy Goat Chips were hand-sliced by necessity. Nowadays necessity is the mother of bulk slicing.

      Crystal Rolfe
Sliced spuds are rinsed and agitated in water. This helps to remove starch and keeps the potatoes from sticking together. Each batch of sliced potatoes weighs in at 22 pounds.

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Billy Goat Chip Company

3136 Watson Road, St. Louis, MO

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