This Is a Kettle That Looks Like Hitler

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JCPenney is not having a very good year. The department store's ballyhooed turnaround went bust, its CEO was sent packing and now it's selling a tea kettle that looks like Hitler.

According to this Telegraph article, a billboard for the Michael Graves Design Bells and Whistles Stainless Steel Tea Kettle in California sparked the initial discussion of the Hitler kettle on Reddit and elsewhere, but the effect is the same on the page for the kettle on JCPenney's website.

The kettle costs $40. If it appeals to you -- ironically, we hope -- better buy it before the führer forces JCPenney to yank it from the shelves.

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DoucheMcGee topcommenter

I think people are just crazy. I can see what they're talking about, but it's ridiculous.

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