Sneak Peek: Panorama Experiments with the Art of Food in the Saint Louis Art Museum's New East Building

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       Spring vegetables with roasted hummus and chards | Mabel Suen
This summer, the Saint Louis Art Museum provides a few more reasons for Forest Park visitors to stop by and drink it all in. On Saturday, June 29 and Sunday, June 30, the museum hosts a free festival to celebrate the opening of its new East Building, which adds an impressive 200,000-square-feet of space to house its contemporary art collection. The building will also contain a new quick-service cafe slated to open concurrently with the wing, as well as a 100-seat restaurant named Panorama (1 Fine Arts Drive, Forest Park; 314-721-0072) that will debut on Monday, July 1.

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Gut Check stopped by earlier this week to get a sneak peek tasting of the restaurant's menu items in progress, created by chef Edward Farrow, formerly of the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.

       Chef Edward Farrow | Mabel Suen
"St. Louis has four seasons. Where I come from in Phoenix, there are only two seasons -- hot and hotter," says Farrow, who arrived in St. Louis in mid-April and is still learning the ropes of local agriculture. "I've been told the harvest season hasn't really gotten going yet and that it's been pretty minimal. To me, it's been incredible. I'm glad to be here."

Farrow describes Panorama's cuisine as contemporary American based on seasonality and local products. He wants to give everyone, "something really good and tasty, that's a little exotic but recognizable."

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