St. Louis Deli & Grill Already Closed

Ian Froeb
St. Louis Deli & Grill (8544 Watson Road) opened last December in an old Taco Bell in an unincorporated area of St. Louis County between Crestwood and Marlborough.

In the comments to yesterday's "Tidbits" post, reader jzavist informs Gut Check that the restaurant, which served sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs, has already closed.

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The restaurant's phone number is "temporarily" disconnected, according to the recorded message. Its Facebook page is still alive, though no one has posted there since February.

So Gut Check drove out to St. Louis Deli & Grill to find the restaurant shuttered with a handwritten sign posted on the door: "Thanks all for ever."

Location Info

St. Louis Deli & Grill - CLOSED

8544 Watson Road, St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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I know the owner, used to work for him, and my Dad has been helping with the deli and grill. I happen to know that the various regulatory bodies in St. Louis County harangued Phil with niggly little details (like his brand new white freezer, which apparently needed to be stainless steel to "meet health code") before he could open, costing him a fortune more than he'd planned. Even though he was breaking even most days, he couldn't stay open because of all the bullshit he went through.

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