Trout are in Season at the Clayton Farmers' Market

On Saturdays the Brown Shoe parking lot (on Maryland Avenue just west of Straub's) in tony Clayton is transformed. Folding lawn chairs are assembled into an ad hoc seating area, crates of vegetables are hauled out of vans and pick-up trucks and white canopies begin popping up in rows.

Must be a farmers' market!

        Spinach and kale, hearty and hale. | Zach Garrison
Though the Clayton Farmers' Market (8282 Forsyth Boulevard, Clayton; 314-398-9729) is a bit smaller than some of its brethren, it boasts plenty of high-quality produce worth toting home in your enviro-friendly grocery sacks. Having stopped by this past Saturday (May 18), Gut Check put together a rundown of what visitors this weekent can expect to find.

At first glance tie-dye shirts and freshly caught trout do not seem to go together. But then again, as Tie-dye Don, the man working the booth for Westover Farms, explains, these are rainbow trout. So there you go.

       Rainbow trout from Westover Farms. (Grateful Dead belt buckle
       not included.)| Zach Garrison
Beyond their polychrome appearance, these trout are the freshest of the fresh, harvested by 5 p.m. Friday from the Steelville, Missouri, hatchery, then appearing at Saturday's market. That's a little trick Gut Check likes to call "stream to table."

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Clayton Farmers' Market

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