[VIDEO] Joe Hoffmann, Evil Royals Fan, Wins First Plate at Flying Saucer St. Louis

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Kaitlin Steinberg
Joe Hoffmann faced Richard Haegele (lower left) on Saturday in an epic showdown at Flying Saucer St. Louis.
As Gut Check reported back in March, the opening of the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium (900 Spruce Street; 314-932-1456) was marred by an anti-Cardinals conspiracy launched by one Joe Hoffmann.

The plot: Be the first to drink 200 beers and claim the location's first "Ring of Honor" plate in the name of Don Denkinger, the first base umpire who "blew a call" that allowed the Royals to win against the Cardinals in the '85 World Series.

Cardinal Nation got wind of Hoffmann's dastardly scheme and three challengers stood between him and plate no. 1. After 66 days and 198 brews, it all came down to Saturday morning when the employees at Flying Saucer opened the doors.

Four men entered. One no. 1 plate emerged.

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Hoffmann, Richard Haegele, Whitney Brown and Nate Minshew arrived for the 10 a.m. opening on Saturday with friends, family, and no clue how the winner would be chosen. The contenders speculated that a four-way drink-off was about to go down.

Here's what happened:

Although disappointed with his fourth place rank, Haegele is dedicating his plate to the memory of Stan Musial, plus there's this:

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jaco1175 topcommenter

How did they pick the winner, a hotdog eating contest? Pretty typical stunt for a Royals fan though. Maybe now that we has won one for the true MVP of the 85 series, the next plate should be dedicated to Jennie Craig in the hopes that she can help the pathetic fat fuck to get a fucking life. .

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