Niche: Review + Slideshow + Farewell from Ian

Perfecting a dish at Niche | Jennifer Silverberg
Gerard Craft's Niche (7734 Forsyth Boulevard, Clayton; 314-773-7755) is the best restaurant in St. Louis. No qualifiers, no equivocations. My review of Niche is now available online.

Eggshells filled with lemon-maple custard, shiitake mushrooms and bonito caviar | Jennifer Silverberg
Jennifer Silverberg's slideshow of Niche is also now available online.

And with that my tenure as Riverfront Times' restaurant critic and the lead writer for Gut Check has come to an end.

If you've enjoyed reading my work here, even if you haven't always (or ever) agreed with me, beginning next week, I'll be writing about food and restaurants for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Please drop by and say hello -- though only after you've read all the latest posts on Gut Check, of course.

If you haven't enjoyed my writing, rest assured that a new administration will be in place here at Gut Check International Headquarters very soon. And don't forget: You can still apply for my job.

Thanks for reading all these years. Please continue to support local restaurants and local media.

A rare glimpse of Riverfront Times restaurant critic Ian Froeb in the wild.

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7734 Forsyth Blvd., Clayton, MO

Category: Restaurant

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really enjoyed reading you from a distance (decamped from STL to NYC) -- you've always helped me scour the most exciting places (from hole-in-the-wall to 'fine' dining) when i'm back in town. cheers to you on your move! 


Sorry to see you moving on and hopefully up!  Enjoyed your writing and insights, especially your willingness to actually criticize - too many critics tend to downplay the negatives.  Best wishes for many more good culinary adventures!

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