Trendy Cocktails and Sky-High Sandwiches: The Central West End

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Sub Zero Vodka Bar
(308 N. Euclid Avenue; 314-367-1200)
It's a pretty safe bet that when you show up at a bar that prides itself on offering the the "largest selection of vodka in the world," you're going to have a good time. With a vast assortment of infused vodka, including four-pepper sun-dried tomato, Stoli with ginger and Stoli with cucumber, it's nearly impossible to not find your favorite flavor. Furthermore, Sub Zero offers both sushi and more variations on the burger than most diners could eat in a lifetime. You can build your own by mixing and matching different meats (Black Angus, American Kobe beef as well as turkey, vegetarian and other options) with cheeses, vegetables and other toppings. So line up those vodka shots and prepare yourself.

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Green Bean
(232 N. Euclid Avenue; 314-361-4444)
Though the Central West End is known for high prices and decadent meals, Green Bean focuses on quick, affordable and healthy options. Salads are the prime objective, each featuring a protein (beef, chicken, duck or tofu) and big enough to be a stand-alone meal. The "Seoul Train" salad has grilled beef with greens, scallions and radishes in a spicy red chile-sesame sauce, or try the "Pueblito" -- beef and romaine lettuce comprise the bulk of the salad, but the key is the combination of chile-dusted pineapple and a tangy tomatillo-lime dressing. Of course, you can create your own concoction by adding whatever veggies, crunches,'s easy to get carried away. Bottom line, you'll walk away satisfied.

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