The Libertine's "Elvis Costello Lost in Missouri": Gut Check's Hump Day Cocktail Suggestion

       The Libertine claims a classic English cordial for our hump-day cocktail. | Evan C. Jones

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We've been suggested a wide array of liquors, but never Pimm's #1. That is, until Nate Weber, general manager of the Libertine (7927 Forsyth Boulevard, Clayton; 314-862-2999), slid the "Elvis Costello Lost in Missouri" across the bar to us. So what is it, exactly?

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The Libertine's "Elvis Costello Lost in Missouri." | Evan C. Jones

"It's an English cordial," Weber explains. "Very traditional, and they have several different types. Typically what we get over here is Pimm's #1. It's made with a variety of citrus. It has a rich citrus element to it and is a bit herbacious. Exactly what's in it, I couldn't say for sure."

The liquor is used the in classic Pimm's Cup, and the "Elvis Costello Lost in Missouri" is Weber's riff on the English cocktail.

"We wanted something bright and refreshing for summertime," he says. "We had an idea of this bright citrus syrup that we have as well. I liked the idea of the mint to add brightness and the cucumber ice so as you sip on it, you'll get more of that cucumber flavor as it melts down and dissipates into it."

To elicit maximum flavor, Weber employs several housemade accoutrements: a rich citrus soda simple syrup ("Hot water with lots and lots of citrus zest. Let it sit over night. Add sugar."), cucumber ice and a mint tincture.


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