iTap's New Location in the Central West End Outdoes Itself

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       Welcome to iTap-CWE | Pat Kohm

Following its mission to bring a gigantic selection of craft brew to the beer drinkers of St. Louis, the International Tap House (16 North Euclid Avenue; 314-367-4827), or iTap, is upping the ante, expanding its sphere of influence with a new location in the Central West End. After a soft opening on Monday, July 8, the iTap-CWE is running on all cylinders and is ready to pour out as many pints as you can drink.

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Jason Chew oversaw iTap's newest venture, and says that in comparison to the Soulard and Chesterfield locations, the Central West End site "just has a different look to it, just a completely different layout." We would describe it as iTap on steroids: roughly 3,500 square feet, with soaring ceilings, three levels filled with tables, chairs and couches, and about 30 flat-screen TVs. Chew also points out the additional 20 taps at iTap-CWE (61 total), so you can be sure to find your favorite style.

       The spacious second floor | Pat Kohm

The Central West End, with its walkable dimensions and robust nightlife, seems like a pretty good spot for a beer bar. "It's a neighborhood that we haven't tackled," Chew explains. "We had so much luck with the Soulard location, which is a completely different scene, and we really just started looking for neighborhoods that we weren't involved in." Sure enough, iTap-CWE is booming -- its business is beer, and business is good.

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International Tap House - CWE

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