Paula Deen to Star in Her Own Comic

Paula Deen is the latest "Female Force" subject. | Bluewater Productions

Surprisingly, not everyone has canceled their Paula Deen books. Bluewater Productions will roll out their "Female Force" biography comic book featuring the butter-loving chef this fall. Here's the kicker: they aren't making fun of her.

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The Female Force series focuses on female empowerment and has comics about Margaret Thatcher, Angelina Jolie, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Ellen DeGeneres. Paula Deen seems like a weird choice even before the whole "I is what I is" thing, but are they really putting her up as a role model now?

"I am very proud of what this series represents and Paula Deen to me still fits into this category," publisher Darren Davis tells Gut Check. Bluewater is apparently adding her "latest controversy" to the final draft, but the story will focus on "her humble beginnings and the results of bursting certain stereotypes."

We're not quite sure what stereotypes she burst -- that women are good at cooking? That Southern food is fattening? That a life of fried chicken will give you diabetes?
Davis says that he saw her as changing the Martha Stewart ideal of cooking and entertaining.

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Sara Ivie-Trankler
Sara Ivie-Trankler

She's a great cook, I won't take that from her. She has different values than me. She just put it bluntly, it's nothing more than the tea party or gop thinks and legislates where they can.

Cappy Sue
Cappy Sue

Paula Deen is either an idiot or a blatant liar. The only thing she is a good example of is how to be a scumbag.

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