Asparagus in U. City is Lush, Will Still Make Your Pee Smell Weird

       Totally regular asparagus. | Nancy Stiles

Whether or not the accusations are true, Schnucks (6920 Olive Boulevard, University City; 314-726-2373) got itself into a bit of a PR mess this week when a member of the University City human-relations commission came upon dry asparagus at his local Schnucks. David Olander alerted a manager to the offending perennial and contacted the company's CEO, implying that Schnucks was discriminating against its lower-income customers. (Asparagus at the Ladue location were nice and moist in cups of water.)

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The story sparked a debate not only about racial discrimination, but also about the Post-Dispatch's motives for running the story. Of course, nasty comments abounded, and the P-D's metro editor felt compelled to personally respond to the accusations of race-baiting on the daily's Facebook page.

The story really is about food, though, so Gut Check decided to take a field trip over to the aforementioned Schnucks in University City. We weren't surprised to find that Schnucks now has that asparagus in more water than it could ever need. The rest of the vegetables are also covered in a lovely mist of water, keeping them ever-so-fresh. Don't worry -- asparagus will still make your pee smell weird no matter how dry it is.

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Schnucks-University City

6920 Olive Blvd., University City, MO

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Buzzez Ten
Buzzez Ten

I constantly have to wrangle my own carts at the Kingshighway home's always been my contention that it's because the management made the decision to cut the staff and let the city residence get the carts themselves...

Jim Volner
Jim Volner

Obviously the got their shitty employees from the shitty neighborhood it's in! You only as good as your "help"!

Shawn Maher
Shawn Maher

I've never seen it in water at the Schnucks at Hampton Village. THASS RAYCESS!!!

Leslee Brown
Leslee Brown

With all the things wrong in the world some white shit disturber in UCity decides Schnucks is putting bad asparagus out because the store is in a poorer neighborhood. Ridiculous

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