The 7 Best Delis in St. Louis

       Mmm, Kopperman's. | Madelaine Azar

Kopperman's Delicatessen
(386 N. Euclid Avenue; 314-361-0100)

Kopperman's is the quintessential New York delicatessen that just so happens to be a St. Louis institution. This place is serious about sandwiches: they're towering stacks of meats and cheeses, including one of the city's standout roast beef sandwiches ("Love at First Bite"). Oversized antique circus posters have decorated the walls for ages, and the outdoor seating area is maybe the best spot to take in the comings and goings of Euclid. The breakfast/brunch has to be one of the best in St. Louis (including the do-it-yourself bloody mary bar). One tip: Kopperman's is open late into the night on weekends, which means potato pancakes and slingers are waiting after you're kicked out of the bars.

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       The classics at Blues City Deli. | Madelaine Azar

Blues City Deli
(2438 McNair Avenue; 314-773-8225)

There's no great secret to Blues City Deli's success, just classic sandwiches that make you regret all those times you settled for self-made ham and cheese. The muffuletta, Italian beef dipped in jus and salsiccia, is the reason the phrase "mouth-watering" exists. The "7th Street Sicilian" is probably the best Italian cold-cut sandwich imaginable -- the Provel cheese is, of course, sublime. The concert posters, album covers and photos that cover the walls at Blues City Deli give it a definite New Orleans feel, and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons in this Benton Park deli feature free live concerts from blues artists and more. On these days, your best bet is the sweet (or spicy -- you choose) "Memphix Stax" -- pulled pork piled high and topped with slaw.

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