5 Best Foods to Eat at Busch Stadium

       It's not easy to eat. | Becky May

The St. Louis Dog
(The Food Network Hot Dog Bar, main level in section 144)

We haven't been big fans of the St. Louis Dog, but we decided to give it another go. The quarter-pound frank is covered in shredded Provel, Red-Hot Riplets and barbecue sauce and nestled in a huge bun in a bed of Miss Vickie's Salt & Vinegar chips. You might need a fork, and you'll definitely need napkins. It took a few bites for us to get to the actual hot dog, which was delicious. And let's be honest, we'll eat anything topped with Provel. The St. Louis Dog isn't for everyone, but perhaps you should try it just once, Man Vs. Food-style.

       Pulled pork is a must. | Stu Spivack

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
(Broadway BBQ, main level in section 509; Triple Play, main level in section 152; loge level in section 270; Riverview Corner, terrace level in section 432)

If the Food Network really wanted to create a St. Louis dog, they should have started with pulled pork. Yes, it's a staple around town, but there's no reason you can't have barbecue at the ballpark. Besides, it's available all around the stadium.

       Fresh, in every sense of the word. | Becky May

Turkey Club Sandwich
(The Carvery, behind Gate 2)

A turkey club might sound like an uninspired choice for our favorite eat at Busch, but hear us out. The name of the stand is quite literal -- they carve the turkey right there in front of you. And boy is it fresh, settled on a bun from Fazio's on The Hill. We topped ours with cheese, bacon, tomato and lettuce with a side of The Carvery's house-fried barbecue chips and coleslaw. If you're going to spend $11 on something at a game (and you will) make it the turkey club.

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