Corner 17 Bubble Tea Now Open in the Loop

       Corner 17 in the Loop. | Nancy Stiles

We've been eyeing the papered-up storefront for weeks, and finally, Corner 17 (6623 Delmar Boulevard, University City), a bubble tea and Chinese restaurant opened August 1. It serves fresh bubble tea and authentic Chinese food.

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       Nancy Stiles

Co-owner Guang Zhao tells Gut Check that Corner 17 didn't really advertise its opening to avoid being overwhelmed, but she's excited to be there. "The Loop is a really good area, very busy. It's a good spot for us with the university around," she says. "We want to bring traditional, authentic Chinese food for not only the Chinese students but the American students, too."

Zhao has lived in St. Louis for ten years and is a graduate of Truman State University in Kirksville. She has never opened a restaurant before, but says this has been her dream. "We love food. We want people to know more about authentic Chinese food. It's something new and fresh," she says.

Corner 17 uses more fresh ingredients and juices than other bubble tea places and hand makes the noodles right in front of you. Zhao also recommends the barbecue skewers, which are available after 4 p.m. Corner 17's style of Chinese barbecue is common throughout China, Zhao says, though the handmade noodles are more prevalent in Lanzhou, they're a popular fast food throughout the country.

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Me and my bf went here to get something to eat today. My bf loved the food here but I'm not really a big fan of it, but I love theirs drink though. So I decided to buy something else and bring it in here to eat with him. I was ordering theirs drink too. When I opened the box to eat, the waiter told me that Im not suppose to bring outside food in here. I feel kinda offended because it never happen to me before when im here . And whenever I come in here and eat like that, i always have friends who come with me and order theirs food and drink, not like I just bring food in here & eat without ordering anything. They should have a sign in the front about not letting people bring outside food in or something like that. Also the front counter lady gave me a look when I first sit down at the table ( I think because she saw I was holding something) , that was kinda rude. This was the very very first time in life that I didnt leave a tip for somebody ( ps: my bf told them to put the stuff togo because he didnt want me to feel uncomfortable)


This place is as authentic as it gets. The soup was awesome, authentic, and much better than bubble tea. The noodles aren't just hand made, they are hand-made TO ORDER! I had the Beef noodle soup and it was amazing. I've eaten at Bubble Tea several times and I must admit, they have good noodles. But this place wins hands down. And the bubble teas and "fluffy ice" are much better - they use fresh ingredients and real fruit. Trust me...this place rocks.


I went there yesterday and got the "Chicken Noodles" it was good soup and yes the noodles were made right in front of me which was kind of cool, but It was essentially the same as bubble tea's Chicken Noodle Soup but  more expensive ($9) at Corner 17. in fact I'd say Bubble tea has the slight nod in taste. The best in the Loop however is still down the street at Chinese Noodle Cafe.

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