First Look: Tripel Brasserie Serves Belgian Beer and Fare in Lafayette Square

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Tomato stuffed with laughing bird shrimp | Mabel Suen
Escargots, waterzooi and stoofvlees might sound a bit out there to most of us, but that's because Tripel Brasserie (1801 Park Avenue; 314-678-7787) introduces a style of food that, until now, hasn't been fully addressed in St. Louis: Belgian cuisine, requisite with all the glorious beer.

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Tripel Karmeliet | Mabel Suen
Tripel, named after one of the oldest styles of Belgian ale, opened in Lafayette Square on June 26 in the space previously occupied by Lafayette Fire Company No. 1. Developed by Max Crask, Jim Darst and Terry Oliver, Tripel attempts to channel an old-world European vibe with the low-key sheen of a modern brasserie. The design of ornate, antique glasses and woodwork hails from the '20s and '30s.

Location Info

Tripel Brasserie - CLOSED

1801 Park Ave., St. Louis, MO

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