Fresh Thyme Farmers' Market to Replace Kmart in Fairview Heights

       Fresh Thyme Farmers' Markets will soon be in St. Louis. | Fresh Thyme

Fresh Thyme Farmers' Market, a new midwest grocery chain, will open next year in Fairview Heights, Illinois. The strip mall, at the northwest corner of Illinois 159 and Lincoln Trail, housed a Kmart from 1998 until it closed last September. The new grocery is expected bring 100 jobs to the area and healthier food options for the community.

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The first Fresh Thyme will open in January 2014 in the Chicago suburbs, and the plan is to open 47 more farmers' market-style stores across the midwest over the next five years. 25 percent of the store's offerings will be fresh produce and perishables.

The focus will also be on natural and organic foods, and some local products. The strip that housed Kmart is being demolished and a new shopping center is currently under construction. In addition to Fresh Thyme, PetCo and OfficeMax will remain and Sports Authority will relocate from Fairview Heights Plaza.

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Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen

Will it compete? Yeah... because all of us people who don't live in the "true St. Louis market", as one poster put it, will no longer cross the river for Whole Foods.

Meg Mertz
Meg Mertz

I'd say the only way they would compete with whole foods is if they were in the community that whole foods is in. At this moment, no and they have to be upscale to compete as well. Since they are new, there is no way to say until they get into the true St.Louis market the question will stand.

Elizabeth Thoren Crosby
Elizabeth Thoren Crosby

That is fabulous news, we have long needed this type of store in our area. I don't consider Whole Foods a competition since it's probably 25 - 30 miles from Fairview Heights.

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