Saint Louis Bread Co. Insults Farmers Via Twitter

       The EZChicken-less campaign. | Panera Bread Company

Corporations are still trying to navigate the tricky world of social media. Of course, you can't please everyone, and an account with hundreds of thousands of followers is going to get a few nasty tweets. Companies are wisely learning to utilize Twitter for marketing purposes, with varying degrees of success. The Chipotle Twitter "hack" was funny at best, and at worst, it was simply stupid. But now Saint Louis Bread Co. (we refuse to say Panera) has farmers across the country up in arms over its latest Twitter campaign.

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Bread Co. launched a now-deleted Twitter account called @EZChicken to promote its latest push for antibiotic-free chicken. The account posted several cartoons of a chicken (shaped like a pill, natch) with captions such as, "I dreamt I was running. Does that count as working out?" and "Hard work pays off eventually. But lazy pays off now" (that one has the antibiotic-stuffed chicken inexplicably on a wooden Segway).

Farmers across the country are not pleased. Bread Co. isn't the first food chain to rally for antibiotic-free poultry, but many of the agrarians who responded on Twitter pointed out that, by the way, the drugs are used to help sick animals, just like people. Others are upset that Bread Co. is using fear to sell food.

Bread Co. has actually been sourcing antibiotic-free chicken since 2004, but it seems that no one really knew about it, hence the marketing push. Vice president of public relations Linn Parrish tells Gut Check that Bread Co. has been working to build up its antibiotic-free chicken sources over the past ten years, hence the "hard road." "It was very hard to get this chicken nine, ten years ago. So we think we've been on the hard road working with farmers over these nine years to raise more chickens that have never, ever been treated with antibiotics," Parrish says.

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jaco1175 topcommenter

Farmers are a bunch of whiny bitches.


@jaco1175 Grow your own food, then.

jaco1175 topcommenter

@wolfoffl No, if your a farmer you are going to grow my food and I'm going to give you money for it. But if I want you to grow food and raise animals without torturing them and filling them with fucking chemicals you are going to do it. There is obviously a market for antibiotic free chicken since people are buying it from Panera. There is no need to be a butthurt pussy because people want farmers to do things different then the know it all rural fuckers want to. Whiny bitches.

jaco1175 topcommenter

@wolfoffl Spoken like a true backwoods god fearing sister fucking chaw spitting puppy milling son of a bitch rural fuckstick. Stfu yourself johnny reb, you whiny bitch.


@jaco1175 @wolfoffl Then why dont you hoosiers stop fucking bitching over the price of organic, free range chicken etc.
You act like you actually know how things work, when your ignorance on this subject is resoundingly obvious.

Oh, and go fuck yourself.

Jeez, I just looked at your profile, you're in New Jersey?
STFU, yankee.

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