Nathalie's to Bring Overlook Farm to Former Home of Salt

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Jimmy Voss, formerly of Duff's, signed on as executive chef at Overlook a last year and will be serving in the same capacity at Nathalie's. Most of the food will be raised or grown at Overlook, and if it's not, Voss and Pettus know where it's coming from. For example, the chicken is from a local Amish community that Pettus partners with; one of the young men was even busy woodworking at the new Nathalie's. Another man, who was painting intricate molding, supplies the lambs.

"When I first signed on, it was first about being on the farm and the excitement of being able to plant hand in hand with my farmer, talking about what seeds to plant," Voss says. "The second year is going to be bigger -- knowing what I want, how to harvest it, how to plan a menu. It's a strange new world, but its really exciting."

Voss says that the menu at Nathalie's will be more adventurous than at Overlook Farm, so he's planning things like New Orleans-style quinoa crab cakes, black bean ravioli (Pettus' favorite), and blueberry chicken. Nathalie's will begin with dinner service at the end of September and hopes to expand into brunch, lunch, and weekday breakfast.

Pettus plans to decorate with a mixture of personal and St. Louis history -- her grandfather was a painter in the Central West End, her grandmother the Veiled Prophet queen in 1906, and another ancestor was the first secretary of state of Missouri. "I love social history, I love the stories of people, especially when they make contributions," she says. "And that's what I want to do."

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