10 Reasons Why Your Waiter is Judging You

Illustration by Kevin Cannon

6. You're on your cell phone during dinner, leaving your date to ponder the salt or worse, look at their own cell phone.

Yes, we get it, sometimes you have to look at your phone during dinner. If your wife's about to have a baby, say, or you're waiting on a call from the president, perhaps, we can get on board. Otherwise, stow your device on silent and avoid the flash of fury in our eyes. Added bonus: Living in the moment will likely improve your overall experience of the meal.

Illustration by Kevin Cannon

5. You ask the kitchen to drastically change a dish or, worse, make up your own dishes using ingredients from the menu.

Basically, what a waiter hears when you do this is this: "I think I know the menu better than the chef." Or worse: "I don't trust the chef." Yes, this is the service industry, and yes, the restaurant exists mainly to give pleasure to guests, but (and it's a big but), that doesn't mean you can rewrite the menu. Attempting to do so brands you as needy and arrogant, and you probably won't get what you want, so spare yourself the shame and don't ask.

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