Andy's Frozen Custard Opening in Kirkwood

Andy's Frozen Custard

First Five Star Burgers, now some creamy frozen custard! Andy's Frozen Custard will open its first St. Louis location in Kirkwood at the end of the month. Props to Kirkwood Patch for following this development from the first mention of Kirkwood as a possibility. (We noticed it on Facebook yesterday.) Andy's is hiring managers and store associates ahead of its late September opening at 311 South Kirkwood Road.

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Andy's is based in Springfield (which has several locations) and has popped up in neighboring Illinois, Oklahoma and Arkansas and even Tyler, Texas. Gut Check first had a taste in good ol' Columbia, so we're pretty excited -- you can't drive out to Ted Drewes all the time.

Some may say it's bad timing; summer is winding down, and it'll only be getting cooler. True, but that also means fall goodies like carrot-cake concretes, pumpkin-pie concretes, apple-pie sundaes and apple-pie concretes. Then there will be Andy Nog shakes and candy cane concretes. So, no, frozen custard isn't only good in the summer! We'll keep you updated as Andy's Kirkwood gears up for its St. Louis debut.

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Andy's is very very good. I still crave Ted Drewes, but Andy's will not leave you dissapointed.

billj598 topcommenter

We treat ourselves to Andy's often when in Springfield and Branson.  Much cleaner taste than the old St. Louis icon on Chippewa without the heavy butterfat aftertaste.  They aren't inexpensive but you do get what you pay for.  Go through their drive-thru and if you have Fido in the car they will offer you a small cone for the pooch which they love.  Neat idea !  


I am looking forward to their arrival. But I must admit, I worry it will hurt some present Kirkwood ice cream places, ie the stand by the rr, cold stone, red mango, etc.


Thanks Nancy for the kind words! We're excited to be a part of such a great community!

Don't forget, we'll have a drive thru, too :)

-Brandon A.

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