Booster's Cafe in the Loop Closed

       The scene at Booster's. | Nancy Stiles

It appears that Booster's Cafe (567 Melville Avenue, University City) has closed after six years of business. The breakfast restaurant, which normally opens at 7 a.m., was locked with all of the chairs stacked on top of tables. A small sign in the window simply says, "Booster's Cafe is no longer in operation."

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       Closed. | Nancy Stiles

Calls to Booster's were not answered, and e-mails were not immediately returned. Neighboring businesses were also unable to give any more information. We'll update as we learn more!

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Location Info

Booster's Cafe - CLOSED

567 Melville Ave., University City, MO

Category: Restaurant

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Shawn Sheng Zhu
Shawn Sheng Zhu

I used to go there in the early mornings after insomnia nights since I live 2 blocks away from there. They had awesome pumpkin pancake and great coffee. Guess now people could only go to Starbucks or Panera for breakfast in the Loop.

Chris Humes
Chris Humes

I'm upset. I'll miss Booster's. Not just killer sausages and great coffee, but the coffee was self serve, which I liked.


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Mary Poletti
Mary Poletti

Only went there once, but yeah, best sausage in town. And it was my understanding the place operated for a great cause. Bummer.

David Twombly
David Twombly

Dang. Killer sausages, good coffee...sorry to see them go.

Traci Moore
Traci Moore

Boo! They had great food, bad marketing!

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