Cafe Napoli: Server Sues Restaurant Managers for Sexual Harassment

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Inside Cafe Napoli in Clayton. | Kelly Hogan

The former bar manager at Cafe Napoli in Clayton is the subject of a sexual harassment lawsuit, the Post-Dispatch reports. C. Lauren Litman, a former cocktail server, alleges that she was fired last year after rebuffing sexual advances from bar manager Jerry McDowell.

Litman says the harassment took place in May and June of last year before she was fired on June 22. She filed a sex discrimination charge last summer with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights, which recently granted her the right to sue. Litman's lawsuit was filed Friday.

Cafe Napoli did not immediately return calls for comment. We'll update this post as we get more information.

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Cafe Napoli

7754 Forsyth Blvd., Clayton, MO

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Craig Mitchell
Craig Mitchell

RFT: Since the gentleman below capitalized ever word in his sentence, he seems to be suggesting that you adopt that as your headline. Consider it.

dalediversity topcommenter

Do we know what Lauren looks like? 

Tommy Chiecsek
Tommy Chiecsek

Good For Her...Been Seeing This Shit For year's....Assholes Think They Can Tap It Because They Are Manager's Or Owner's..Dick--Head's...!!!!


@dalediversity Right, if she's ugly who'd sexually harass that dog, and if she's good looking then she asked for it right? You Sir, are a certifiable ass


I'm sure you've either stalked , raped, or jerked off to her.

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