Jilly's Cupcakes Unveils Ice Cream Bar Plans

       Jilly's "Space Monkey," "Island in the Sun" and "Cuban Coffee" ice cream flavors. | Nancy Stiles

Jilly's Cupcakes (8509 Delmar Boulevard, Ladue; 314-993-5455) made a big announcement last week. That delicious ice cream you've seen around town at Schnucks will soon have its very own place. Owner Jill Segal and her team are hurrying to have the office space next door to the cupcake bar redone in time for a November 1 opening.

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"We always knew we had to do this," Segal tells Gut Check, explaining that Jilly's has been taking all its ice-cream ingredients to a separate production center. But if you're going to be making the ice cream, why not serve it there, too?

Jilly's Ice Cream Bar will serve the flavors it already sells at Schnucks, as well as more inspired by (and utilizing) its cupcake flavors. Segal says there are a bevy of ways the two can be combined. ("It's really just ice cream and cake.") Plus, she knows what makes Jilly's so good: real ganache, real coconut flakes, real fruit.

"Not everyone can do this because not everyone has their own bakery next door," she explains.

The ice-cream bar will also feature a hot chocolate bar, in part to deal with the seasonality of her frozen creations.

"We know St. Louis is cold six months out of the year -- we're not stupid," Segal says.

The hot chocolate bar will, of course, feature ingredients like real white chocolate and toasted marshmallows. Almost makes us wish for winter to come sooner -- almost.

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