Learn to Make Italian Pastries at the Kitchen Conservatory

       Cannoli, anyone? | Jeffrey W.

If you're looking to kick your own cooking skills up a notch, why aren't you taking advantage of the Kitchen Conservatory (8021 Clayton Road; 314-862-2665)? Conservatory staff and local chefs both teach hands-on classes about everything from how to carve a turkey to baking cake pops. Tonight, September 17, learn to make flaky Italian pastries.

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Work side-by-side with conservatory staff member Ann Cori as she teaches you to make vanilla custard-filled sfogliatelle. She'll also prepare homemade cannoli with homemade ricotta cheese dipped in pistachios, plus Italian pignoli cookies, orange-almond biscotti and cherry-pistachio Florentine cookies dipped in white chocolate. Our mouths are already watering.

The class is $55 per person -- register here. The Kitchen Conservatory is also teaching a flatbread class tonight with three different varieties, as well as a knife skills class where you'll get a paring knife and learn to carve a turkey. Check out the full list of upcoming classes and demonstrations here.

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Meredith Mendola
Meredith Mendola

That place is crazy expensive, THAT's why people aren't taking advantage of it.

Tony Merklin
Tony Merklin

Can ya' say Marconi Bakery, on da' Hill..................

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