McDonald's Kansas City Introduces the Multi-Person "Blitz Box"

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Do you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France? | Aneil Lutchman

McDonald's (multiple locations) is testing out its latest gimmick in Kansas City: the "Blitz Box." The box is a $14.99 "multi-person meal" that has never been sold in the United States before. The idea is to boost sales -- you know, because McDonald's is really struggling.

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The box comes with two quarter pounders with cheese, two medium fries and ten chicken McNuggets with dipping sauces. McDonald's tends to try out new products overseas before introducing them to an American market, and similar boxes are already sold in Australia and the Czech Republic.

The Blitz Box debuted September 2 in KC and will continue through football season, but it's possible that if the item is a success, McDonald's will introduce it to more locations. USA Today points out that fast food joints have been moving away from family meals in the past few years and focusing on individual items -- to which we say, who says this has to be for two people?

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