The Five Best St. Louis Soccer Bars

        Welcome to The Scottish Arms. | Caillin Murray

The Scottish Arms
(8 South Sarah Street; 314-535-0551)

The owner of the this fine establishment, Alistair Nisbet, is a native Scot, so this is about as authentic you can get in St. Louis, which means soccer is omnipresent. And sure, you're there for the soccer, but why not also enjoy one of the best brunches in town while watching the match? It's worth mentioning that along with a strong selection of beer, the list of Scotch and whiskeys is one of the best in town. In fact, it's the largest single-malt collection in the state of Missouri. Though the crazy fandom level might remain low, the mood is laid-back and inviting, and the bar is one of the friendliest around. This is the place if you're looking to just kick back and enjoy a pint.

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        Bob Dolan, bartender at the Dubliner | Kaitlin Steinberg | RFT Photo

The Dubliner
(1025 Washington Avenue; 314-421-4300)

This is an Irish-themed pub on a grand scale -- a spacious box of a building, a huge bar, multiple seating areas meant to handle big crowds. And if you're searching for a place to watch rugby, there's no better. But rest assured, soccer is a close second. In fact, it turns out that the Dubliner is the official bar for fans of Chelsea F.C. The menu is pretty traditional: lamb, fish and chips, and of course, there's a Guinness stew. It keeps beer around for more than just stew, though: grab twenty-ounce pints of Smithwick's, Harp, Guinness and Magner's Cider, or look over its collection of Irish whiskeys -- combine the best of both worlds and have yourself an Irish car bomb.

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Tigin St. Louis

Tigrin Irish Pub
(333 Washington Avenue; 314-221-8666)

Tigín is a Gaelic word meaning "small cottage," so there's some knowledge for you. And, as everyone knows, the best place to traditionally watch soccer is in a small cottage-like space filled with flat-screens and beer. With live matches broadcast from all over the U.S. as well as the U.K., Europe and South America, Tigin has become something of a gathering place for internationals living in St. Louis. You'll find fans enjoying a traditional Irish breakfast (two eggs, Irish sausages, black and white pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes, Guinness and cheddar bread) on a Saturday morning. Here, you'll be surrounded by die-hard fans, Irish symbols and a true game-day atmosphere, which sounds pretty great.

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dalediversity topcommenter

Why is Amsterdam on this list? Too few TV's and too many poseurs in Chelsea and ManU shirts. The Dubliner (like the Amsterdam and the Scottish Arms) has too few TVs. OB Clarks is where the football cognescenti gather. Far and away the most knowledgable crowd. Tigin is good too.  


Is this a joke?  There's only one actual soccer bar in St. Louis: The Amsterdam Tavern.  A *real* soccer bar puts soccer on without having to be asked , is a place where you can talk soccer with the bartender, get into good, spontaneous soccer conversations with strangers, and is open for any televised (and untelevised, internet-streamed games).  I've given the other places a shot, too, but only out of necessity. 

Barrister's: As a soccer fan who had to put up with Barrister's before the Amsterdam opened, I know their pitfalls all too well.  Go there if you don't want sound and want to be stared at by the brunch crowd.  All you need to know is in the article above: they open early if "the quality of the match dictates it".  What shit.  I called them once to see if they would be open for a huge game.  They assured me they would, and they weren't.  Also, half the time I went in, I had to ask the bartender to put the right game on and give her the correct channel.  Good food, though.

Tigin: Tigin is generally dead, so I don't know what you mean by "true game-day atmosphere".  Maybe you mean a kids soccer game on a sleepy spring afternoon.  The food is good but overpriced (ditto for the beer), and it's far away from most of the population of St. Louis.  Also, it *was* the Chelsea bar for the game at Busch (due to it's convenient location), but it isn't their bar.  Every Chelsea fan I know goes to the Amsterdam.

By the way, you ignoramus, Ireland really isn't that passionate (relatively speaking) about soccer.

The Dubliner:  is a total douchey bro bar.  I tried to go there once back in 2007 or 2008 and they refused to open for the FA Cup Semi-Final.

The Scottish Arms: Nice bar, but not open early.  Why list it?

The only other bar that comes close is OB Clark's in Brentwood.  It's certainly not a soccer bar (since they won't show soccer unless you ask, and the bartenders don't know soccer), but you will run into a handful of soccer fans there.

I'm really not sure if you researched this article at all.  Do you even like soccer? 

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