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As we expected, our loyal Gut Check readers (you) were pretty vocal about the most underrated sandwich shop in St. Louis. In the comments -- over 120 of them -- there were places we think are awesome too, shops off the beaten path and restaurants that aren't traditionally known for their sandwiches (read all the nominations here in the original post). We tallied up the votes and suggestions, and narrowed it down to four places. Now it's up to you to vote on who you think we (and the rest of St. Louis) should be paying more attention to. There's also a write-in category for those of you who go for the underdog.

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LeGrand's Market & Catering (4414 Donovan Avenue; 314-353-4059)

Josh Revelle: LeGrands is the best in the whole city, and yet i never hear about it, but everybody wants to talk about Moms and Blues City. Neither compare to LeGrands.

Blues City Deli (2438 McNair Avenue; 314-773-8225)

mgpastor: Underrated: Blues City Deli. Go there on Wednesdays and get their Aporkalypse sandwich. Only on Wednesdays.

Gioia's Deli (1934 Macklind Avenue; 314-776-9410)

fladish: Gioia's on the Hil has the most underrated sandwich. order the hot salami, or the roast beef. The giardenara is a great addition as is the horsey mayo. Holy smokes is it worth every penny for such beautiful slices of protein and such beautiful people!

Majic Market Deli and Convenience Store (640 West Woodbine Avenue, Kirkwood; 314-966-5056)

awardetc: A hidden gem of a sandwich would have to be the Gyro at Majic Market deli on Woodbine in Kirkwood. Absolutely THE BEST gyro I have ever had!!!. The customer service is great there and the choice of food items keeps me coming back time after time but the majority of the time I just have to order the gyro because it is soooo good!!!

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Location Info

LeGrand's Market & Catering

4414 Donovan Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

Blues City Deli

2438 McNair Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: Music

Gioia's Deli

1934 Macklind Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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