Wild Horse Grill Gives Us an Insider's Tour of New Menu

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       Lobster mac & cheese. | Nancy Stiles

       Baby spinach salad with strawberries, boursin, aged balsamic and crunchy pita. | Nancy Stiles

       Cherry wood-smoked duck with apple, bacon, asparagus, mushroom, hash and a sherry gastrique. | Nancy Stiles

       Lavender shortbread. | Nancy Stiles

       Chilean sea bass with sweet pea risotto, asparagus and a pistachio butter sauce. | Nancy Stiles

       Pumpkin mousse cheesecake. | Nancy Stiles

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Wild Horse Grill

101 Chesterfield Towne Centre, Chesterfield, MO

Category: Restaurant

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Why do the only two people who left positive comments only leave comments for this restaurant? Makes you think they might work there.


I, too, have had nothing but superb dining experiences at this restaurant. Beautiful atmosphere with a lodge-style lofted dining room & plush patio and friendly service, but the food is by far why we keep coming back. And now, this new menu keeps your taste buds alive with plenty of decadent options. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a little variety in their dining-out experience...the cherry wood-smoked duck is my favorite..... mmmm, simply divine!


i've eaten at the wild horse grill a couple times and can definitely recommend it; prefer it over all the chains that have taken over the valley. too bad 'blcat' didn't have a better experience, this really is one of the gems in the valley. but thats coming from me and im not the kind of person that would avoid eating at say, gordon ramsay because he shouts. different strokes... 


Wild Horse Creek has terrible business practices and if you send food back, you just may be kicked out by Tony Valenta. This very situation occurred a year or two ago on Mother's Day weekend. While my family was seated by the server area we had to hear the scene in the dining room as well as the conversation that went on among co-workers. Tony preceded to tell his employees he does not care about one person's opinion since his father owns the restaurant and then tells the server she is b**** and should have taken better care of that table. My family finished their meal which was great, as well as a service was too, but due to the situation and his attitude we would never return or give a positive recommendation.

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