Five Fall Cocktails to Warm the Soul

        Brennan's "Blood and Sand." | Pat Kohm

The bar: Brennan's (4659 Maryland Avenue; 314-361-9444)

The drink: "Blood and Sand"

At Brennan's, not only can you enjoy a topnotch cigar, but you can also score a helluva cocktail. The "Blood and Sand" is a classic, simple drink, but it definitely gets the job done. The Highland Park 12 is a great Scotch base to start with, mixed with vermouth cherry heering and orange juice for a even finish. It's a serious drink -- no frills -- but it's the perfect thing on a serene fall evening at one of the most laid-back bars in the Central West End.

        Taste's "TBD." | Pat Kohm

The bar: Taste (4584 Laclede Avenue; 314-361-1200)

The drink: "TBD"

Taste is preparing to transition to its fall cocktail lineup, creating brand-new drinks on the fly. In fact, the cocktail that Kyle Mathis prepared for Gut Check is still without a name -- we'll go with "TBD." Namelessness aside, the concoction is pretty amazing. A take on the "Remember the Maine," which is itself a variation on the manhattan, the "TBD" combines apple brandy, pear brandy, puntemez, cherry heering, absinthe and orange oil. Mathis describes the final product as having "a lot of orchard and fresh fruit, but boozy."

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