The 5 Best Candy Shops in St. Louis

       The selection of M&M's at Miss M's, of course. | Zoe Kline

It's almost Halloween, and though most trick-or-treaters will be hoping for name-brand candies from Walmart, there's a whole world of delectable confections at adorable, old-fashioned candy shoppes all over town. Nostalgic candy, gourmet chocolate and some of the weirdest stuff you could ask for can be found in huge glass jars and are perfect for a Halloween party with more sophisticated taste in candy. These places are smorgasbords of sugar, and we aren't exaggerating.

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       The goods at Miss M's. | Zoe Kline

Miss M's Candy Boutique
(6193 Delmar Boulevard; 314-721-7000)

Miss M's is so tiny that you just might miss it amid the chaos of the Loop. Opened just three years ago by Sharon Echols, Miss M's carries a variety of well-known treats (Snickers, Twix, etc.) and higher-end, harder-to-find items. There are over 500 types candy to choose from, like chocolate-covered bacon and lollipops with crickets inside them. For Halloween, Echols suggests the skull-shaped gummies, the aforementioned cricket lollipops or candy corn jelly beans.

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Miss M's Candy Boutique

6193 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, MO

Category: General

Oh Lolli Lolli

802 De Mun Ave., Clayton, MO

Category: General

Lake Forest Confections

7801 Clayton Road, Richmond Heights, MO

Category: General

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