First Look: Rise Coffee House Perks Up the Grove

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       Co-owner Jessie Mueller prepares coffee with a kalita wave dripper. | Mabel Suen
Rise Coffee House (4180 Manchester Avenue) opened its doors in the Grove on September 28, fueling area residents and passerby with hot Goshen coffee and freshly prepared Whisk Bakeshop pastries. Aside from simply offering up an artisan caffeine and sustainably prepared sweets fix, Rise looks to to be well on its way to achieving its ulterior motive: providing a daytime community hub for the neighbors.

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       Rise's latte ($4). | Mabel Suen

On a weekday morning during its first week in business, professionals of all ages from the area have already set up shop. Manilla folders, notepads and pens dot some tables alongside mugs of carefully handcrafted espresso drinks. Meanwhile, a college student studies quielty in the corner, earbuds firmly implanted; a toddler rifles through a toy cabinet with his mother in the kid-friendly zone upstairs; and pairs of people engage in casual chatter.

       Decor by Jipsi Boho. | Mabel Suen
The previously blighted 1,500-square-foot brick bungalow that houses Rise got a huge facelift thanks to upcycled artistic direction from Jenny B of Jipsi Boho Design. All told, Rise offers a quintessential coffee-house experience in an area that illustrates a vibrant cross-section of the city.

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Rise Coffee

4180 Manchester Ave., St. Louis, MO

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