First Look: Rise Coffee House Perks Up the Grove

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       Whisk's apple-cheddar scone and Rise's chai ($4). | Mabel Suen

Cheerful-sounding indie rock and pop music plays softly through overhead speakers, sunlight shines through big windows onto glossy, refurbished wooden tabletops, and tasteful bohemian kitsch embellishes exposed brick walls. It's as picturesque and close-to-cliche as an episode of Portlandia, which makes sense given co-owner Jessie Mueller's initial inspiration to open shop.

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       Upstairs seating area. | Mabel Suen
Mueller, a former social worker who studied nearby at Saint Louis University, says she didn't really understand the world of artisan craft coffee until she visited Portland last year. At Rise, you won't find a tray full of generic flavored syrups or chargers armed with sweetened whipped cream; instead, expect a specially created profile of carefully roasted Goshen coffee beans, brewed carefully to extract flavors in their purest form. To achieve this, Rise uses properly tempered water with its signature kalita wave drippers, as well as Chemex, V60 and kyoto.

       Mural on the side of Rise. | Mabel Suen

Cappuccinos and lattes are also available, along with fruit smoothies, hot chocolate and chai that lingers with a sharp bite of fresh ginger. Rise also offers four blends of ReTrailer teas. Whisk's baked goods offer an appropriate counterpart to balance the deep flavors of Rise's drinks. Depending on the day, patrons can find anything from seasonal quiche and savory scones to cupcakes and muffins.

Rise's current hours are Tuesday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, visit Rise's official website or follow it on Facebook.

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