Six of the Best Locally Brewed Pumpkin Beers

        Urban Chestnut's Count Orlok Black Pumpkin ale. | Pat Kohm

Seasonal beers are very popular: They offer new flavors and give brewers a chance to experiment outside the box. The approaching cool weather usually brings out a whole slew of 'em that are usually darker, heavier and meant to warm the heart. One of the first on the market (released earlier and earlier each year), as well as one of the most popular, is the pumpkin beer. Over the last few years nearly every brewery has taken on the pumpkin and added their own twist. Locally, we're lucky enough to have several worth trying -- so, in no particular order, here is a list of our favorite locally brewed pumpkin beers.

The Brewer: Urban Chestnut Brewing Company (3229 Washington Avenue; 314-222-0143)

The Beer: Count Orlok Black Pumpkin Ale

The Basics: This is the first year Urban Chestnut entered the pumpkin beer game, and it did not disappoint. The Count Orlok Black Pumpkin ale belongs to the Revolution Series (an experimental one), but the name itself harkens back to German mythology: Count Orlok, better known as Nosferatu, is the German version of Count Dracula. Fittingly, the beer is a black wheat ale, but don't let the ominous name or the dark coloring intimidate you. The beer clocks in at 5.4 percent ABV and has a lighter quality (some hints of banana) mixed in with the pumpkin flavors. It's scary good. You can find it on tap at the brewery.

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