Six of the Best Locally Brewed Pumpkin Beers

        Ferguson's pumpkin offering. | Pat Kohm

The Brewer: Ferguson Brewing Company (418 South Florissant Road, Ferguson; 314-521-2220)

The Beer: Pumpkin Ale

The Basics: Ferguson's popular pumpkin ale is more of a spicy beer with cinnamon and nutmeg dominating the pumpkin flavor -- though the squash flavor is definitely present. With a 4.9 percent ABV, this is lighter beer, more of a session ale that can be enjoyed in larger quantities without feeling full or dizzy -- unless you drink six or seven. Grab one at the brewery in Ferguson.

        Crown Valley's heavy-duty stout. | Zach Garrison
The Brewery: Crown Valley Brewing and Distillery (13326 State Route F, Ste. Genevieve; 573-756-9463)

The Beer: Imperial Pumpkin Stout

The Basics: Crown Valley's Imperial Pumpkin Stout is the strongest beer on this list, at 10.6 percent ABV -- a couple of these bad boys and the leaves won't be the only thing hitting the ground. The imperial-stout style means a thick, rich and creamy beer that's much darker in color and can be a bit overwhelming. That said, the dark chocolate, toffee, and cinnamon flavors are upfront and delicious -- just drink slowly and enjoy. Crown Valley resides in in Ste. Genevieve, which is a bit of a hike, but this beer can be found in several stores and on tap at several bars across the region. We found ours at Amsterdam Tavern.

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