Strange Donuts' 6 a.m. Opening Draws Crowd of Over 100

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Time to eat the doughnuts. | Jon Gitchoff

A crowd of doughnut-craving St. Louisans began lining up at 4:30 a.m. for Strange Donuts' much-anticipated opening this morning. Gut Check photographer and reporter-on-the-scene Jon Gitchoff says the line of more than 100 wound down Sutton Boulevard and reached past Saratoga Lanes before dawn broke.

So, we had to ask the obvious question: "WHY? Why would anybody get up at the crack of dawn for doughnuts?" After the jump, a collection of some of the best responses (and some delectable photos).

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The "Campfire" doughnut. | Jon Gitchoff

Matthew Chulka of Maplewood: "I wanted to be one of the first to get a taste."

Justin McMillen of St. Louis: "I want to be supportive of a local company."

Amanda Attarian of St. Louis: "Doughnuts make me go nuts."

John Flavin of Webster Groves: "Well, doughnuts. I like being a part of opening events."

Valerie Haffner of St. Louis: "I'm gluten free and I'm here, that's what they've done to me."

Michael Haffner of St. Louis: "I've been to a number of their taste tests, I knew I had to be there opening day."

Jocelyn Edwards of St. Louis: "We're doughnut fans, gotta support the local doughnut culture."

Kevin Chau of St. Louis: "I've been following them since National Doughnut Day."

Gooey butter cake doughnut. | Jon Gitchoff

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Gut Check snagged a box of our own as well, and we can report that the gooey butter cake doughnut tastes exactly like gooey butter cake:

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Beth Hadican
Beth Hadican

Gregg Goldman ..caught via camera!! Where is Halloumi

Jovita Brion
Jovita Brion

2709 Sutton,Maplewood.....not around the corner !!!!!

Rachel Roach
Rachel Roach

100? I went running at this exact time and I know there was wayyyyy more than 100 ppl there, I ran right past it, 100 isnt very impressive for this place, this stat cant be right.

Ryan Stufft
Ryan Stufft

Was there earlier this morning with my son. Very good!

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