The 15 Best Vegetarian Dishes in St. Louis

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A veritable vegetable cornucopia. | Tara Mahadevan

Editor's note: As loyal Gut Check readers already know, every week Tara "The Veggielante" Mahadevan picks one local restaurant and highlights its tastiest vegetarian menu offerings. This week, we asked her to do a round-up of her absolute favorites, the best of the best of meatless St. Louis dining. Here we present her countdown of the fifteen best meals she's profiled in the name of vegetarians everywhere.

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Tara Mahadevan

15. The Wood's veggie pizza ($9.25-$12.25)

We have yet to find a restaurant (besides Imo's of course) that does the classic St. Louis pizza any better. Provel for the win! Original post.

Tara Mahadevan

14. The Crow's Nest grilled cheese ($8)

Cheese, apple compote and honey, sandwiched between two pieces of pugliese, with a heaping side of mashed potatoes? We're there. Original post.

Tara Mahadevan

13. Square One Brewery's grilled polenta ($11.95)

Mmmm, polenta. Such a simple, yet satisfying meal. Original post.

Tara Mahadevan

12. West End Grill & Pub's vegan stir fry ($7.95)

A magical blend of spices and veggies, and vegan to boot. Delicious. Original post.

Tara Mahadevan

11. Robust Wine Bar's mushroom flat bread ($14)

Who said being gluten-free was difficult? This corn-based flatbread proves everyone wrong. Original post.

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