The 15 Best Vegetarian Dishes in St. Louis

Categories: The Veggielante

Tara Mahadevan

10. Table's sweet corn fritters ($8)

Fritters stuffed with corn and ricotta, paired with maple syrup. Need we say more? Original post.

Tara Mahadevan

9. Plush's meatball sub ($7.75)

Shout-out to Plush for this medley of chickpeas, lentils and brown rice, formed into meatball-y goodness. Original post.

Tara Mahadevan

8. Blues City Deli's "Panino Fresco" ($5.75)

Another simple sandwich, stuffed with mozzarella and homemade olive salad. Original post.

Tara Mahadevan

7. Big Sky Café's eggplant lasagna ($8.90)

Layers of vegetables have never tasted so good! Original post.

Tara Mahadevan

6. Sugo's Margheritta pizza ($10)

A true Italian pizza: sans sauce and thin crust. Original post.

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