First Look: The Kitchen Sink Debuts Expanded Space and Menu

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All photos by Mabel Suen
An order of the Kitchen Sink's marshmallow and syrup infused sweet potato fries.
During the tail end of a filling meal at the Kitchen Sink (255 Union Boulevard; 314-454-1551), chef-owner Anthony Ellerson Jr. glides by the table to quickly drop off a surprise plate of light, crisp waffle wedges drizzled with dessert sauce.

"It's the last part of the 'I Don't Know,'" he says with a smile, before retreating to the back of the house.

November 1 the Kitchen Sink reopened in a new location four blocks away from its original space. The "I Don't Know" entree ($10) comes with the descriptor "You don't know what you want? Neither do we, but we will try. No refunds," and is one of several new additions to the menu.

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New digs on Union Boulevard.
"He loves giving away his waffles," says the evening's server, who was a loyal customer of the restaurant before joining the staff.

The Kitchen Sink, formerly a tiny American diner-style restaurant with big Cajun and Creole flavor, had a stellar first year. It garnered accolades from former RFT food critic Ian Froeb in a review earlier this year and also landed a spot in our Best of St. Louis issue for having the best sweet potato fries in town.

The 7,395-square-foot space on Union Boulevard, previously occupied by the Rhine Haus Eatery & Pub, seats 100 diners. Through the transition, Ellerson, who grew up in the area, says he aims to maintain the same neighborhood-friendly mentality with the addition of table service.

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Owner Anthony Ellerson Jr.
For the "I Don't Know," Ellerson prepared an item from his all-new appetizer menu, the "Cyn City," a dish featuring blackened shrimp over rice with sauce. Other appetizer options include the "Mary Moe" ($7), a portabella and arugala quesadilla with roasted red pepper sauce; the "Art Hill" ($8), blackened chicken nachos with the works plus fried jalapenos; and the hilariously named "S.O.S. a.k.a. Shit on a Stick" ($8), different marinated meats charbroiled and served on a skewer.

Other additions to the menu include two new kinds of wings (jalapeno-peach and Thai flavored), one new salad, four new sandwiches including a muffuletta, and three new entrees including "Humble Pie" ($13), a baked-to-order version of shephard's pie made up of jalapeno cornbread, sauteed peppers, onions, shrimp, andouille sausage, tasso ham, sweet mashed potatoes with bananas, etouffee sauce and white cheddar.

Off-menu desserts ($6 each) currently include a brownie a la mode and three flavors of cheesecake: Snickers, pumpkin and blueberry creme brulee.

The Kitchen Sink is open every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. A liquor license is pending. For updates and more information, follow the Kitchen Sink on Facebook.

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I don't know where to begin so I'm writing this to inform whoever may look at it. First I would like to share my experience working at The Kitchen Sink and for Anthony, from day one I was warned of his temper and degrading attitude towards his employees and customers. It literally was like working in Hells Kitchen without the 5 star quality food. The customers according to Anthony "cannot have it their way" if you order it and it taste awful you do not get a refund or replacement most likely your server will be buying that dish at the end of the night. I've watched him tell customers to "get the f### out" simply because he refused to make them happy . He has no problem coming out the kitchen to throw things yell and make a scene if something does not go his way. If your chicken wing fell on the floor, don't worry the cooks will just throw it back in the grease to "kill" those germs because he's not going to waste money. The kitchen is anything but sanitary raw chicken wings sit out waiting for someone to order it and already cooked chicken sits at room temp on the dishwashing station for hours waiting to be ordered on your sandwich or salad. The walk in consist of more cooked food waiting to be warmed up and served to you as If it were prepared fresh I.e. sausage biscuits bacon cornbread days old..the list goes on. There are roaches, nats, mildew, and mold here at the kitchen sink, doesn't that sound appetizing? Your drink with the unwrapped straw came from a container with mold at the bottom and the fountain the soda came out of is crusted with mold as well from never being cleaned. I have worked for several bars/restaurants and this by far is the most disgusting establishment I've ever been in. Which brings me back to why, poor management. Anthony is impossible to work for . I've seen him belittle, humiliate, cuss at, and physically threaten his employees, while doing drugs on the job. Inventory is never done and so most of the time that dish or drink you went out seeking is currently not available, and if Anthony is in a bad mood he may just close the place down for a couple days. Bottom line, I will be contacting the health department and BBB. This is not a restaurant it's a joke and the man running the show is insane and should be put out of business before someone seriously gets sick from the slop he serves to the public.

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