How to Locally Source a Thanksgiving Turkey in St. Louis

       We're about to be in a turkey coma. | Tim Sackton

If you're not already thinking about your Thanksgiving turkey, you should be. The best eating holiday ever will be here before you know it, and if you're planning on ordering a turkey, deadlines are looming.

Never fear, Gut Check is here to help you find a delicious and succulent turkey that spent its life frolicking in the Missouri or Illinois countryside instead of cramped up in a cage.

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Straub's Markets
(multiple locations)

Straub's is selling, fresh, all-natural, free-range turkeys from Buttonwood Farms in California, Missouri. Get a 17 to 19 pound hen, or a tom 22 pounds and larger at $4.99 a pound. Order them by calling your local store directly: Clayton (314-725-2121), Webster Groves (314-962-0169), Central West End (314-361-6646) or Town & Country (314-434-4707).

If you're wanting local, though, make sure you ask specifically for a Buttonwood turkey -- the Straub's turkeys, although also never-frozen, free-range and all-natural, are sourced from Thief River Falls, Minnesota.

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Natasha Mayton
Natasha Mayton

RiRi Siran, now run out to Straub's to get a fresh turkey and relish in some luxury grocery shopping.

Chris Ferguson
Chris Ferguson

I saw a few turkeys by the 270/370 exchange. A few steps closer to the road and I would have locally sourced my own

John Null
John Null

Q: How can you tell when someone is a vegetarian? A: Don't worry, they WILL tell you.

dalediversity topcommenter

I want the best turkey at the lowest price. I don't care where it comes from.  

Laurie Heupel
Laurie Heupel

we support a local farmer in our area every year.

Patty Lager
Patty Lager

want to support animals and your health?? STOP EATING ANIMALS

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