How to Locally Source a Thanksgiving Turkey in St. Louis

       Pick up some squash for a side, while you're at it. | Mabel Suen

Maude's Market
(4219 Virginia Avenue; 314-353-4219)

The deadline for turkey orders at Maude's is Thursday, November 14, so get to it! Choose from a Heritage Bourbon Red turkey from Singing Prairie Farm in La Plata, Missouri or a limited number of larger birds from Buttonwood Farms. Heritage turkeys are "bred specifically for their taste" and take longer to raise. Both types, though, are pasture-raised and hormone-free. The heritage turkeys are $8.10 a pound plus tax, and range from 11 to 19 pounds. The Buttonwood broad-breasted turkeys are $4.85 a pound plus tax, and range from 17 to 22 pounds. Order your turkey here or call 314-353-4219.

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